Updating my Content!!! Getting things done!!!

As we all seem to have a lot of time on our hands, Ive been using this time to try and get some of the admin jobs done that I always seem to put off or never find time to.

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty busy posting and updating my content.

Press on Nails is a very popular topic in the nail world right now. In fact this morning, I was just painting a set ready to take to the post office to post off tomorrow.


If you would like to shop my Press on Nails , I sell through Etsy or through my own website.



I have also been creating videos about Press on Nails on my You Tube channel , videos about Products to start a press on nails business, and my latest one was all about press on nail tips.  I do love You Tube and I spend hours on it every night so now contributing to it and others finding my content useful and helpful gives me a good feeling. If you want to check out my channel, heres the link and whilst your there I would appreciate if you could also Subscribe to my channel.


I also filmed a video to post to my Facebook page and Instagram for my clients just explaining what Press on nails actually are.

Oh and another thing I done is I set up some Online Gift Cards available to purchase through my Online Booking Portal, this was something that Ive been meaning to do for a while.

After some advise from one of my friends, yesterday I decided to launch an online raffle on my pages. its the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, I’m half way there with the numbers being sold and I hope I can actually complete it.  My prizes are a free gel polish application (obviously once we are allowed again), 2nd prize is a selection of goodies from a foot mask, face mask, hand cream and cuticle oil. Last prize is a £10 gift card.


I’ve now spent most of this afternoon updating some content on my website. I’ve refreshed my homepage, making it more readable, aligning columns . I’ve added some content to my Press on Nail pages like the video I created for facebook. and i’ve just followed an SEO guide and updated all the page descriptions for all my pages , optimising them for Google search. I’ve also linked my website to a Google account. (apparently that helps). I updated all my social media links on my website also.

Just before writing this post, which may be the last thing I do for today before I start cooking I also updated some info on my Google Places page, theres a COVID19 part that needs updating and I also added a product listing for my Press on Nails.

I feel like I’ve had quite a productive couple of days. I mean things always pop into my head that I need to do, if I can’t physically do them at the time I have a planner and I write lists in there of things that I want to do. I must say I do like a list.

I almost forgot to mention – I also updated my cover pictures for my Instagram Stories folders.

I’ve signed up to some Online Learning courses so I’ve got plenty more to keep me busy – I will save all that for another post about what I’m learning ……

If theres anything you have done that you have found helpful that you think I should do then comment below I would love to hear it.

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Until Next Time!!!!



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