Amazon Haul for the Salon

So it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, my life is just always so hectic but I really want to get into being on here more regularly.

In the last few days I’ve also managed to upload 2 videos to You Tube, so I’m trying to be consistent in uploading content.

My most recent video which I’ve literally just hit Publish on is an Amazon for the Salon Video. I love Amazon and am always shopping on there so thought I would record a video showing what I have in my home salon from Amazon . You can view the video here :

Items include window Blinds, towels, folders for nail storage and organisation of nail foils and stickers / decals, nail draw organisers, tweezers, lash tape, cuticle oil pens.

If you haven’t got time to watch the video. I will link my purchases down below so you can view them for yourself from Amazon. I think my favourite products are the folders . All my nail foils are now so organised by colour and I can now clearly find what I have. Same with my nail stickers, as previously mentioned in other blogs, I always shop on Ali Express etc so I had a lot of nail stickers, they were just in bundles and you could never clearly see what you had. Thanks to my new folder which I purchased from Amazon they are all now clearly visible, organised and all in one place. I love it.

If there’s anything you would like me to show you in more detail then please comment and let me know. I will link my purchases below, but …… Until next time !!!

Amazon LINKS

Business card holder

IDesign extendable drawer organiser

Trading card sleeves


Cuticle Oil Pens

Utopia Towels 4 pack (41 x 71cm

PVC Venetian blind

Nexcare 5m x 25mm transparent tape

Nexcare sensitive skin tape

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