I’m so excited!! Enamel Pin

I just had to come on here as I’ve had a delivery today and I’m so excited .

My backing cards for my Enamel Pins have arrived . This means I’m one step closer to my pins being released.

I’ve also ordered all the packaging and pretty Organza bags so they need to arrive .

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my Pins will arrive and I can Pin them to these backing cards and finally release them for sale. I plan to sell on my Facebook groups and on Etsy . I hope they do well as I’m already planning my design for my next pin but I will only go ahead with that if this one does well.

If you want to stay up to date with my Enamel Pin Progress you can also follow me on my new Instagram that I created for it:


Here’s a peak what the card will look like with the pin attached although this isn’t exactly the final design of the pin as I didn’t go with the writing .

Shall I give you a peak of the Enamel Pin – ?????



Oh go on then !!!! This is the sample picture I was sent by my manufacturer . Let me know what you think?

Until Next Time Xx

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