Designing an Enamel Pin

So I stumbled across some Studio Vlogs on You Tube and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’m not an artist , I’m not even good at drawing but I’ve been so inspired watching these artists what they can create. One artist in particular is a lady called Catherine (Katnipp) . Her artwork is amazing and I’ve already purchased a few things from her Etsy store. One of the many things she does is she makes and sells Enamel Pins.

Got me thinking for ages that I would love to design and sell my own enamel pins. All these different artists have their own style but I thought I would design my pins in relation to the industry that I’m in love with. So for the last week or so I’ve been playing about and I’ve come up with a design. I’ve figured out all my measurements etc and I’ve just sent my email off to a manufacturer so fingers crossed all is good with my design and it’s something that they will be able to create. My first step is complete and I’m  excited for the next steps ahead.

If this pin works then I’m definitely going to put my head together and design more beauty inspired enamel pins – what pins would you like to see? 

I’m also thinking about creating sticker sheets for those planner lovers out there, but one step at a time, hey!

I’m not going to show you my completed , fully illustrated design yet as it may not be approved but heres a sneak peak of my manual drawing when I drew it to size to check the measurements. ( it’s not the final design though 😉) Hope you like it!!!!

Until next time Xxx 😘

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